Unusual finds in the pockets of second-hand clothes

No one can be surprised by the story of how someone found chewing gum, a paper clip or a 50-kopeck coin in the pocket of a second-hand jacket. However, there are cases of truly incredible finds.

For example, an employee of a second-hand store in the state of Indiana, USA found seven thousand dollars in her jacket pocket. Fortunately, the former owner of the jacket was found and the money returned to its rightful owner.

A similar story happened to a guy from Malaysia named Wan Mohammad Adam. The young entrepreneur dreamed of opening his own second-hand store, collected money to buy several bags of clothes, in one of which he found 550,000 Japanese yen (about 140,000 hryvnias). This time, it was not possible to find the owner of the money, so the boy spent the money he found on developing his own business.

But money is not the only value that can be found among used things. In the Welsh city of Porthmadog, second-hand workers found a real drawing of a nuclear submarine in one of the suitcases with clothes.

That’s right, sometimes surprises await us in the most unexpected places!